Review of the popular BCG “Alien Worlds” as I started it

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In this review, I have started “Alien Worlds”, a game that consistently reigns at the top of the blockchain game ranking site DappRader.


Is it fun? And can I make money?

Please see this page as we will discuss these points in detail.




Is Alien Worlds interesting?

Is Alien Worlds interesting to begin with?

Look at this game image.


What do you think? It reminds me of this PlayStation era.

You can even feel the melancholy on the man’s face.


But this is the kind of game that is really at the top of the rankings on DappRader.

You reign second in number of users. This is not by chance, but it is always in the top 5.

So I thought it must be interesting, so I started it. ….

Well, it is not interesting lol


However, I did find the advantage of being able to simply learn about mining and staking, which are staples in the crypto world, through games.

I’d like to try to explain that and more.



What exactly is the game?

A brief description of Alien Worlds is a game that does the following


・Mining planets to earn in-game currency TLM
・Staking your earned TLMs on the planet and getting paid for it.
・Spend your earned TLM to participate in missions and earn NFTs and TLMs.



Mining TLM from the Planet

This is the basic operation when starting the game.


First, choose a planet (this time, proceed with Eyeke, the leftmost one)



Select the land you want to mine.



Finally, once you have chosen your equipment, you are ready to start mining.

You may be excited to see the screens so far, but unfortunately the fun ends here.



Then, when the countdown switches to Mine, click on it to start mining.

When it is completed, the countdown starts again, and when it reaches zero, simply repeat the mining process.


There is nothing like exploring the planet by controlling a character.

Instead, players have another hardship waiting for them.


What a surprise, you have to approve this pop-up that comes up every time you do one mining operation.


You may think that’s enough, but if you keep doing this every 3 to 6 minutes, you’ll get tired of it.



Staking the TLM to the Planet

The amount of TLM you can earn from mining is really limited.

What you can do to increase it efficiently is staking to the planet of Kochira.



Select the planet of your choice, enter the TLM value you wish to stake, click Stake, and you are done.


Staking period is 2 days.




Consume TLM and join the MISSION

Finally, there is the MISSION.

This one basically requires a substantial amount of TLM, but it has a tasty specification that gives you NFT and TLM for that amount.


There are also occasional MISSIONS that require as little as 40 TLM, so those who pay almost nothing should make sure not to miss them.

This is how to play Alien Worlds.




Can Alien Worlds make money?

You can earn or not earn without needing to be skilled at playing the game.


The amount of TLM you can earn per mining session varies widely, but on average it is about 0.02 TLM.

(The TLM market price as of March 17, 2022 is about 0.5 yen.)



Initial costs are high

Alien Worlds used to be free to play, but now there is an initial fee.


First of all, a WAX wallet is required and a donation of 5 WAX is needed to create the wallet.

Then, you need to stake WAX to the item called CPU for successful mining.


The official blog says at least 100 WAX.

These are summarized as follows.


Mining about once every 3-6 minutes 0.1-0.5 yen worth of TLM

WAX wallet creation fee 5WAX

Staking to CPU 100WAX


As for the CPU, it is staking, so as long as the market is winning, it will rather increase and return, but I think it is the amount of money you bet in relation to the amount you can earn.


In case you are wondering, I tried to see how much WAX I would need to mine all day and I had to staking about 2,000 WAX.


As a result, Alien Worlds is not at all tasty when it comes to earning a level of money that would be considered tasty for its popularity.


It was not a game I could personally recommend, but I hope it will be helpful to those who were interested in it.