How to set up “Token Buyer” for automatic token purchase

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First of all, thank you “NOTDAO” for releasing this god tool for free!


This section describes how to set up Token Buyer, an automated token buying tool.



You will be required to enter your private key. Be sure to use at your own risk as you will need to do a full trust.




①Token Buyer Settings

Token Buyer

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The Private Key contains alphanumeric characters by default, but rewrite this to the private key of your meta mask.

If you don’t know how to get the private key, search for “metamask private key display” to find out.




Specify the maximum amount you want to buy in the Price Limit

Example: If you are willing to buy up to $1 per token you want, enter 1.



Never buy tokens for more than the amount set here.



Enter the address of the DEX where you plan to purchase the token.

※The name is Uniswap, but the actual purchase is the DEX address you entered

【If you want to make a purchase with two DEXs at the same time, just enter the address in the APPLOVE (UNISWAP V3) one】



If the token is not Approve at the DEX where the address was entered, press the APPROVE (UNISWAP V2) button.


It may take a while to Approve, but don’t hit the button repeatedly, or you may end up paying extra for gas.



Enter here the address of the token to be used for the purchase.

Enter the address of the token you wish to purchase here


For example, if you want to purchase ETH in USDC, enter the address of USDC in ④ and the address of ETH in ⑤, respectively.



RPCs are rewritten according to the situation.

By default, it is configured for ETH chain token purchases.


This is the part where the gas cost is adjusted. Increase the % as needed.

(When RPC is rewritten, the gas display is automatically switched to the gas display of the rewritten chain)



This completes the setup for automatic token purchase.

Now you can go back to the DEX section and switch on the tool.




Before switching on the tool, be careful not to make any input errors, such as limit prices.


These are the steps for setting up a token buyer.

If you have any questions, please come to NOTDAO’s DISCORD channel and ask.