Introducing the “DappRader” airdrop, a “one-click and you’re in” deal.

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Airdrops and Give a Way for free NFT tokens and virtual currency.

We would love to participate, but have you ever thought like this?


I don’t want to have to sign up for Twitter or share my posts!!

That’s right.

As anyone who has done it will know, the drawback is that even though it is free, it can be a rather tedious process.


This much is already standard


This time, we would like to introduce a website that does such a hassle-free airdrop Give a Way.



What is “Airdrop & Give a Way?” A campaign in which companies or projects give away their NFT tokens or currency for free, mainly for the purpose of spreading the word.




DappRader’s airdrop is hassle-free and one-click

This time, we will introduce a website called “DappRader”

DappRadar is such a company.


DappRadar is a data acquisition and analysis company that tracks over 3,500 decentralized applications (dapps) across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, TRON, EOS, WAX, Steem, and HIVE.

DappRader『What we do


As mentioned above, the original use of the site is to allow users to analyze data from applications that use blockchain technology.


It is well known as one of the sites to use for popular indicators such as BCG and DEFI.




DappRader’s free airdrop

One of DappRader’s services is a free airdrop.

You may get lucky if you visit the site often.


Discover a BCG you’d like to start with -> check if you can earn money with DappRader -> check for airdrops while you’re at it.

I think it would be good to habituate to a routine like this.



How do I participate in DappRader’s airdrop?

Here are the steps to participate in DappRader’s airdrop.


①Create a DappRader account ②Participate in airdrops and it’s a super easy 2-step process, so you can join right away.



Create a DappRader account

First, go to the DappRader website and click on the human-shaped icon.

A pop-up will appear and click Sign Up.


You can log in with your wallet, email address or social networking account, click on the one you prefer and log in.


It is better to create an account at a wallet that receives airdrops, so there is no waste.



Participate in the airdrop

Once you have created an account, open the menu from the DappRader home page and click on Airdrop.



You will see a list of airdrops being held.

The BombCrypto airdrop is just about to start, so when the start time comes, click Join Now.


Please pay attention to the start and end times in the red line area.



The red line is the condition for participation.

In this case, you must have a wallet that is compatible with the BSC network and register your e-mail address.

Once confirmed, click “Join Now” and you are done.


If you register your e-mail address when you create your account, it is easy to omit it thereafter.

You are on the list! Then, you are OK.

It’s super easy, so please give it a try.



How to Confirm Winning Airdrops

Finally, we will also explain how to confirm the winning of an airdrop.


After confirming that you have finished registering to participate in the airdrop, check your wallet or open your own wallet portfolio linked to DappRader.


If your balance is increased, you have won.

This is how to participate in DappRader’s easy one-click airdrop.


It only takes a few seconds to participate as long as you have an account, so please give it a try.