Introducing “REVETON,” a BCG for racing and battling in the world of Mad Max.

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Introducing “REVENTON” a BCG that those who like the fin-de-siècle worldviews of Mad Max and Hokuto no Ken will get into hard.


As of 12/10/2022, the mini-game has been uploaded, and there are various special offers, so check out the Discord if you’re interested.



What kind of game is REVENTON? How to earn money?

As the video shows, REVENTON is a BCG (blockchain game), which is a genre of racing and car battles to earn money.


I have read the white paper and other documents and would like to introduce some more specifics.




Race mode

Video Citation:REVENTON Trailer – Thrilling Play-to-Earn Metaverse Racing Simulator

If you finish in the top three places in the PVP (versus other players) race, you will receive the tokens “RAP” and “RWP” that will be issued.

(RWP is used to power up cars, as we will discuss later)




Battle mode

Battle mode is PVP where you fight for survival in a limited space.

This is the world view of the end of the century! I personally have the highest expectations for this mode, as I think it is a mode where you can enjoy the “end of the century world view!


There are two types of battles in the battle mode: battles that affect the ranking (GAS fees are also required) and regular battles, and the reward system is as follows


Ranking Battles = variable rewards based on performance
Normal battle = RWP only reward

*The profit from winning a ranking game that costs GAS money is likely to be greater.





Tournaments are not detailed at this time.

The white paper says that RAP tokens are required for the entry fee and that the winner will be decided by 3 knockouts, so it will be an application type of battle mode? It seems to be an application of the battle mode.


The reward is based on NFTs, and the higher the NFT, the more likely it is that a rare NFT will be rewarded.




Open world

Is it really safe to implement this in terms of cost in Play to Earn? I think that this is an open world.


・Treasure hunts
・Escort and other errand missions

It seems that people can enjoy such things as

It seems that the open world will make it possible to earn money without PVP.


I think this is a great idea as a remedy for those who are not good at games or who are a bit intimidated by PVP.




About  RWP Token Use Cases

I will also explain the gaming factor that reduces the inflation of the price of tokens (RWPs), which is important for BCG.




Image credits:REVENTON WP Garege

The garage can assemble and disassemble cars. (Specific details unknown).


Perhaps, when you do battle or race mode, parts are damaged or energy is depleted, and you have to spend RAP tokens to recover them? I expect that the RAP tokens will be consumed to recover the energy.





Image credits:REVENTON WP Work shop

In the workshop, you will be able to change parts and level up.

The combination of these parts can be used to create originality, and it is planned to make the game more strategic.


RWP tokens are consumed to upgrade parts.




There are other use cases for RAP token consumption in features such as nitro to boost bonuses (not sure if they are status or rewards) and tools to fine-tune cars (details unknown).

※In the white paper, it is sometimes RAP and sometimes RWP, depending on where it is written, so it is hard to tell for sure.



Basically, BCG involves a ponzi scheme element, so I think we need to play with the knowledge of this use case and think about when the top guys will start taking profits.




What can be done as of December 10, 2022

At this point, all we can do regarding REVENTON is purchase the FOUNDERS NFT, which will probably be Genesis, and purchase the REV tokens presale.




FOUNDERS NFT is automatically staked after purchase and you will receive REV tokens as interest until the game starts.


The earlier you deposit, the more REV tokens you will receive (assuming the price of REV does not fluctuate, you can almost recover the underlying funds by Round 2).



By the way, this official REVENTON tweet “6l…” code “6l…” will give you 20% off, and you will be able to collect the original funds more quickly.


It also seems that even after the game starts, they will receive a certain amount of commission from RWP tokens consumed in the garage and other places introduced in the token use case.




About REV Token

The REV token would be like a governor’s token for REVENTON.

In the presale, the price is $0.01, unlocked at 7-8% each month for a total of 15 months.

Simple math, but if the price is 15 times higher in the public sale, you can immediately remove the underlying funds.


This is a rough introduction to REVENTON.

It looks like a fun atmospheric game, so I will follow up with more information and update if there are any further developments.