Test play of the 3-match puzzle BCG “HEROS LAND”

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I played the Beta Test of “HEROS LAND,” a puzzle-based BCG (blockchain game), for free.

It is a simple 3-match puzzle game and was quite interesting.



What kind of game is HEROS LAND?

HEROS LAND is a 3-match puzzle game that is popular among smartphone games.

The game contains puzzle and RPG elements, and the system allows players to attack enemies by matching three or more icons to erase them.



The basic condition for clearing the puzzle is to complete it successfully and eliminate all the enemies.



The game is not infinitely playable, and energy is reduced by 1 for each stage challenge.

(1 energy is recovered every 3 hours).


There seems to be a lot of things to do, such as upgrading equipment and characters, and upgrading skills, although it does not seem to be released at the moment.




How do we make money?

To earn money in HEROS LAND, you need to play a mode called “TOWER CONQUEST”.


You can get “HALA”, the in-game currency, by selecting the one with “HALA” in the upper left corner.

(However, you must pay 100 HALA to play.)



By the way, TOWER CONQUEST is a pretty hard work game where you just keep on defeating enemies with puzzles until you get annihilated.

(At this point, I can imagine myself getting bored on the third day.)


(At this point, I can imagine myself getting bored on the third day or so.) In the meantime, you can press the fast-forward symbol in the upper right corner of the screen for auto-combat, so it is recommended to clear the game while doing other things.



It seems that they can also earn money from other sources, such as PvP, clans, etc.




How much money can I make?

As for how much money you can earn, the key question is as follows.


If you have won the most stages between “9:00 am and 7:00 am” Japan time, you will receive 180 HALA.

However, since 100 HALA is required to participate in the tournament, you will have to finish in the top 2 to win the prize.


I am sure this system will be changed when the game is actually launched…. I mean, please change it.

Otherwise, it will become a world where only those with rare characters can make money.


※I don’t know if it was because it was a test play, but for some reason I was only able to choose a high rare character in TOWER CONQUEST mode, so I played patiently and was able to get the tentative first place.



How to start HEROS LAND test play (free of charge)

For those who would like to try out HEROS LAND, test play is available for free and we will explain how to get started.



What you need to prepare and do in advance

・Preparation of meta masks and other wallets
・Addition of BNB Test Net
・Get BNB for testing on fauset site


With these in place, you can quickly begin test play.




Create an account at the HEROS LAND site for test play

Access the HEROS LAND test play site to create an account for the game.


Click on “Login” and then “Register” and you will be taken to the account creation screen.



Get a character for test play.

Once you have created your game account, you will receive one free BOX, so click on CLAIM.

There are 5 characters in this box, and you are now ready to start the game.




Download the game from the official website

Next, visit the official HEROS LAND website and download the game.

(Currently, the game can be played on a PC)


Next, visit the official HEROS LAND website and download the game.

(Currently, the game can be played on a PC)





I’ve given you a quick rundown of my test play of HEROS LAND.

For better or worse, it’s a 3-match puzzle game and RPG, so I don’t think there’s anything you can’t enjoy.


I will give a proper consideration when I plan to continue the game.