A very cool and crazy NFT “XHamster NFT” has been announced!

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When I found this NFT I was thrilled!

What a surprise, that xHamster is going to release NFT.



xHamster is a well-established adult site with over 10 million members.

What on earth kind of NFT will it be?  Here is what we know now.



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What utilitarian benefits do you get from having NFT?

xHamster NFT comes with utilities unique to NFT adult sites.

There are up to eight of them.



Utility ① No more ads

You’ve found a video you like and you’re excited and can’t wait to play it, but you’re fed up with the ads!

With xHamster NFT, you can get rid of all those ads.




Utility ② Special badge

I honestly don’t know what this is about, but they say you get a special badge.




Utility ③ Unique display for your avatar & nickname color

If you are logged into xHamster, you will see your name and icon like this.

Perhaps, but this icon and name will be changed to something unique.



Maybe it will look something like this!
Isn’t it soooo good?



Of course, there are many other NFTs available.

If the icon changes to your favorite Hamster, it might make it awkward for you to watch adult videos lol.




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Utility ⑤ WL spot in all our future crypto projects

This is a guy who is a common benefit for NFT holders.
But “all future PJs” means that there is a possibility that this NFT will hit Genesis.




Utility ⑥ Discord channel for NFT holders only

This is another common utility for NFT holders.

But the special feeling of being “only for the holder” makes me very happy.




Utility ⑦ Lifetime subscription to FapHouse.com

”FapHouse.com” features the work of some of the biggest producers in the adult industry.

The service, which costs about $10 per month or more than $200 with a permanent contract, will be available for free.


However, this will be a special utility that only those that draw rare NFTs will receive.




Utility ⑧ Lifetime subscription to xHamsterLive.com

Last but not least!

”xHamsterLive.com” where you can enjoy the live action that everyone loves!


What a surprise, this guy is also going to be available free of charge for a Lifetime.

But it is unclear how the system of buying and giving away coins and such would be free.


However, this will be a special utility that only those that draw rare NFTs will receive.




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xHamsterNFT Sales Information

Release Date 12.19.2022
Supply 10,000



Epic:1500(Get utility ⑦)

Legendary:500 (Get utility ⑦&⑧)

Price Presale:to be announced

WL Sale : to be announced

Chain Ethereum


No price has been set, but 5,000 WLs will be distributed at the max, and WL holders will be able to purchase 5 WLs.


Note that the total number of xHamsterNFT is only 10,000.


They are handing out WLs on DISCORD and Twitter, so join and get one.



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