Big News! ? PORCHE Launches NFT with 911 Design

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PORCHE, a luxury vehicle manufacturer that even those who are not interested in cars may be familiar with, is launching NFT.



The design seems to be PORCHE’s flagship model, the 911, in various colors.







Overview of PORCHE’s NFT

Release Date 23.1.2023
Price 0.911
Supply 7,500
chain ETH

The NFT will be created with a 911-based design with three artists as partners.

Here is what we know at the time of writing (21.12.22).



The Arrow List lottery has already started and you can register on the official website.

(6.1.2023, so if you want one, do it soon)




Valuation of PORCHE’s NFT

I will now try to make a personal evaluation of PORCHE’s NFT’s utilities and supporters to see if they are worth purchasing.


If you are interested, please refer to this page.




Great name value

It may go without saying, but the recognition of PORCHE as a 911 is a very valuable point.




Twitter account with gold badge

The official account has earned a gold badge.

This would be a safe point to say that it is not a fake and that the probability of it being a scam is reduced.




Unique Utility of the holder

The utilities listed on the official page were vague, but the Q&A seemed promising.


”the opportunity to co-create Porsche’s future in the Web3 universe”

If it is co-created, it would be a valuable NFT for the fans.


Also, this is not the only time this NFT has been used, so this could be the Genesis NFT.

Maybe there will be an advantage or air drop on the next project.




A few points of concern

PORCHE’s NFT is very attractive, but I have a few concerns that I would like to share.



This is at the Inprint & Legal section of Porsche’s official website.

The address and representative director listed here are exactly the same as those of FanZone, not of PORCHE.


FanZone is a startup launched through FORWORD31, a PORCHE digital operation.

Since this appears to be independent of the original PORCHE, it will be important to see to what extent it is followed up by the original PORCHE in terms of funding, etc.