Summary of current status of DRC20

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The next ○○20 is being sought after the success of BRC20.

Personally, I am most excited about DRC20 and will write a summary of my various investigations.


※This information is current as of May 26, 2023




Current status of DRC20

The DRC20 protocol currently under development is called “Doginal”

And DRC20 by these protocols can actually be minted.


Another protocol, “Cardinal,” is being developed.

This one is currently under development, but the strength is that we are talking about having a wallet and all the sales markets available.


The two parties once seemed to cooperate, but now their claims differ.

On the Doginal side, we are willing to cooperate as much as possible, and on the Cardinal side, we completely reject the Doginal protocol DRC20.


My personal view is to support “Doginal,” which is closer to the decentralized philosophy that is the essence of crypto.

Above all, “Doginal” is a cool name, isn’t it?


I’m no expert, so I don’t know what the end result will be, but let’s hope for a bright future.




How to mint the Doginal protocol DRC20

Now that you have heard that DRC20 can already be minted, some of you may want to know how to do that.


Let’s talk about how to mint the Doginal protocol DRC20 from here.

However, as I mentioned earlier, I do not know if the DRC20 will be worth it.

We always recommend that you play this game with spare funds.



“DPal” and “DogeLabs”

The main tools used are “Dpal” and mint from the “DogeLabs website” and can be easily used without any technical knowledge.

There are a few caveats to minting with these tools.


First, Dpal can only mint up to 200 times.

And minting a DRC20 character that has already been minted to 100% Supply will result in a valid transaction.

This wastes a limited number of mints and fees, so be sure to check the current mint rate before acting.

Use the DogeLabs site to see if there are currently still extra letters you want to mint.

The first thing to look at here is the MINTED part of 3

If this is at 100%, it means it is sold out and cannot be minted.

Also, if everyone mints a lot of mints at the same time, the first one to mint 80% will win, so if your transaction is late, only the fee will be deducted and you will not be able to mint it.


Dpal and DogeLabs share this information since they are DRC20 of the same Doginal protocol.



Basic form of DRC20 mint

After confirming that the quantity is sufficient, the next step is to actually MINT the product.

Here is the basic formula↓

{ “p”: “drc-20”, “op”: “mint”, “tick”: “1”, “amt”: “4” }


For example, if you want to mint doji, enter doji in the 1 place and 1,000 in the 4 place.

※In fact, doji is already 100% minted, so it is not available!


The important thing here is the string you want to mint and the maximum AMOUNT set for that string.

For fiwb, it is 50 sheets, for doji, it is 1,000 sheets, and so on, as determined by the person who initially deployed the string.


If the amount entered exceeds this amount, only the transaction will be issued and no mint will be performed, leaving only the fee to be wasted.


Please note that the current Dpal will still execute a transaction for a DRC20 mint that results in these errors.