New NFT artwork “Metaka Wars” by Gundam designer Kunio Okawar

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Mechanical Design NFT “Metaka Wars” to be Launched.

This work has been the talk of the town since Kunio Okawara, designer of the popular

Japanese anime Gundam, will be the principal designs.



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Overview of Metaka Wars

Release Date TBD
Price TBD
Supply 10,000
chain ETH

I will try to summarize as much as is known, although detailed information is not yet available.




Purpose of ownership of Metaka Wars

※Image Citation Twitter

Metaka Wars is not simply well-designed NFT artwork.


This will be a voting NFT as Metaka Verse develops in future Animation creation, Game development, Merchandise creation, etc.

Utilities such as future airdrops and event participation are also being considered.




How to get Metaka Wars







※Image Citation Twitter

Currently there is a way to get the NFT for Metaka Wars, which is to get the WL.

There are drawings through wallet registration on the official website, giveaways on Twitter, and activity events at DISCORD.


If you want the NFT of Metaka Wars, you can try these means.

I don’t know the prices and such yet, but I think there is no harm in getting a WL.


Sorry for the lack of information yet, but I will upgrade this article when it is updated.




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