How to use profit efficiently

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“” is famous for earning bitcoins for free, but did you know that there are various services?


There are some services that are surprisingly profitable if you have a good grasp of them.

I will try to introduce them in this issue.



If you have not started “” yet, please read this article first.
’s profit efficiency deals

These are the three services I recommend.




These will be introduced one at a time.



REWAREDS if you don’t know!

REWAREDS is a service that you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know about it.


It’s like a frequent flyer program where you can exchange the points you accumulate when you spin FREE BTC for bitcoins, iPhones, etc.


It’s a point I’m secretly saving up for.



By the way, here are the prizes to be exchanged

Items that can be exchanged for iPhones and other smartphones
Items that can be exchanged for hardware wallets
This item can be redeemed for Amazon Gifts
This is an item that will increase your profit on a 24-hour freeroll.
Items redeemable for LOTTERY tickets
Items that can be exchanged for FUN TOKEN
Items redeemable for WHEEL OF FORTUNE coupons


Many things are attractive, but to sum up, all of these have poor profit margins.


The most profit-efficient exchange destination is “ENCASH YOUR POINTS” at the top of the REWAREDS screen.

You will receive 1 satoshi for every 1 REWARED point.

The minimum requirement is 100,000 points, but if you can convert it to 0.001 BTC, you will get 0.001 BTC.

Basically, this is the best rate of return for points, so you should aim for this.



Compare how much you save

Is ENCASH YOUR POINTS really the best deal?

Since this may have seemed like a good idea, I will try to compare the two.



For example, if you want to change to “iPhone 11 PRO 512GB”, you need 7,479,004 points.


If you were to exchange these points with ENCASH YOUR POINTS, it would be worth about 0.07479 BTC, or about 330,000 yen in value as of 3/11/2022.


However, the “iPhone11 PRO 512GB” is about 150,000 yen on the market, so you can see that it is not worth it at all.


The other prizes are also much more expensive when compared using the same calculation method.



For those who think 100,000 points is a long way off.

I told you that ENCASH YOUR POINTS is a great deal, but it’s quite hard to accumulate 100,000 points.


So, I would like to introduce you to the REWARED POINTS exchange, which is still rather reasonable.


That is the FREE BTC BONUS that you see here.

This is a bonus to the FREE BTC roulette that can be played once an hour.


You can choose from 1000%, 500%, 100%, and 50%.

For example, if you redeem 1000%, it will look like this.

The PAYOUT that hits the most often is 10x.

This effect lasts for 24 hours.


Compared to the value when exchanged with ENCASH YOUR POINTS, if you can spin the roulette for FREE BTC more than 20 times a day, it is a good deal. can also be operated from the browser of your mobile phone, so it is a good choice for those who are used to exchanging points.





The next recommended service is as a bitcoin deposit account.


The method is crazy simple and involves depositing 0.0003 BTC or more of bitcoin into your account.



The interest rate is daily and is compounded on a daily basis.

(The interest rate is set to 4% per annum).


This interest includes bitcoins earned from FREE BTC’s roulette game, so you can have fun saving up.

Unlike Staking, we recommend 4% interest per annum with no strings attached, which is an unbelievable rate for a bank.



However, we do not recommend staking large sums of money, as it is dangerous to do so in full trust.




Finally, let me introduce PREMIUM.

This is, in essence, a premium membership, which allows you to deposit a certain number of FUN TOKEN,’s currency, into your account to receive benefits.



Multiply BTC with cash back and an increase in the number of Wheel of Fortune times you can spin once daily.


It will increase or decrease depending on the quantity and duration of FUN TOKEN on deposit.


These were the ways to make more efficient and profitable.
Please make good use of it.