High Expectations! Introducing BCG “ShatterPoint”, an action RPG

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I’d like to introduce a BCG (blockchain game) called “ShatterPoint” that I have very high personal expectations for.


Please watch the official play video here to see what kind of game it is.


well, it is a high quality action RPG game like this.

I would like to explain what I found interesting and what I liked about ShatterPoint.


If you are interested in this game after watching the video, please read to the end.



Here’s what makes ShatterPoint so appealing


ShatterPoint is an3action RPG whose basic specification is to strengthen your character (hero) in solo mode and earn money in versus battles.

What I found attractive about this game was the following


You can play for free & earn money.
It seems to be very strategic (you don’t have to pay a lot of money to win!?)
Tokenomics that will likely outlast the life of the game.


Let me explain in detail with the game system.




Free to play and earn money at the same time!

Shatterpoint focuses on a skill-based Free-to-Play and Play & Own model; Shatterpoint is a level playing field. All players have the potential to upgrade to NFT-powered heroes and earn NFT runes through gameplay.

Excerpt from Shatterpoint White Paper


ShatterPoint clearly states that unlike the existing Play to Earn, free play is possible and that everyone has the potential to earn NFT.


Details about the NFT drop are not yet available, but it appears that you can earn QUA, an in-game token, by winning daily quests and tournaments.

*The use of QUA will be explained later.



Then you don’t need to buy NFT?

You may be thinking, “Why buy NFT?



“Levels can be transferred even if the season changes.”


ShatterPoint is supposed to work in such a way that you play a game within a season of a certain length of time and earn rank rewards based on your performance during that time.

(There is a concept of a season, though it is not yet clear.)


With free play, the levels are reset when the season changes, so having a NFT character would be a great advantage in this regard.




Highly strategic and pure game skill to earn money!

For game lovers, wouldn’t it be more combustible to earn more money the better you play the game than to spend money to become stronger?


When I was researching the game system of ShatterPoint, I found that it seems to be quite strategic and that it is advantageous to have good playing skills.




Heroes have types and characteristics.

First of all, there are several types of heroes, characteristics like jobs in RPGs.



Skilled at evading and blocking attacks


Features technical skills such as making a recovery spot appear when HP decreases and avoiding the next attack when a critical hit is made.

“The Bay Knight”

Features attack-focused skills such as increased damage from debuffs and increased attack power with reduced HP

“Finlay Schofield”

Specialized poison skills, such as increased damage with a critical hit against poisoned enemies and ignoring defenses, are features of this item.

“Sha Tush”

Features remote skills such as damage increases the further away the enemy is, and damage increases for trap gimmicks.


As you can see, the skills vary greatly from hero to hero.

For example, if you want to use a bainite, you can simply use his muscle power to make him more muscular, and you can already be strategic in training him to take advantage of the characteristics of each hero.


(My personal preference, by the way, is Bainite.)




Abundance of equipment

In ShatterPoint, there are a total of 7 parts to equip with weapons.

Well, the better the basic ability of the armor, the better, but as for the weapons, I think it will be a factor that will change the way you fight.


Just by looking at the white paper, there are five types of swords, axes, bows, spears, and daggers, and considering the combination with hero skills, it seems that the strategic possibilities will expand at once.



Weapons also seem to have unique abilities and attack methods, so I think this will be another element that will broaden the range of fighting styles.


It would be fun to see a brainy bait knight using a bow in a unique way.




Tokenomics that will likely outlast the life of the game.

When it comes to BCG, the problem of “collapse” inevitably follows.

ShatterPoint has a novel system to deal with this problem.



season system

The “season” system mentioned earlier, it seems that ShatterPoint will adopt a system in which a certain period of time will be counted as a season.


The next season will have a different set of items (called runes, or NFTs) that can be used to enhance the game, and it seems that the purchase of certain skins will give the player an advantage.


This is in essence a system to make people pay more, which is common in shadow games, but I am a bit excited about it because I have not seen it in BCG before.


If it works well, it may allow for a small reset each season and reduce the pressure to sell tokens.




Token utilities

ShatterPoint employs two types of tokens: $SHA, which is a governor’s token, and $QUA, which is an in-game utility token.


These infinitely issued QUAs have a variety of utilities.


・Rune Letter Merge
It is a strengthening item that is said to change the game’s battlefield and can be used by NFTing, QUA is required for this NFTing.
・Unlocking Hero Characteristics
Like latent abilities that can be released as heroes level up, passive skills such as improved status, etc.
・Reroll of Hero Characteristics
Resets and rerolls the contents of the characteristics once released, there is a benefit to rerolling because some characteristics are rare and powerful at a low rate.
・Opening the utility box
Consume QUA to open boxes containing equipment and other items.
・Equipment Repair
Equipment is durable and will need to be repaired using QUA
・Tournament & Special Event Tickets
QUA is required to participate in high rewarding tonnage and events


There are various measures to avoid token sales pressure like this, but frankly speaking, whether they work or not depends on the fun of the game.


I felt that the game seemed to clear up this point, which is also the reason why I am recommending it to ShatterPoint.

I would like to see a BCG that is more interesting and sustainable than “profitable,” so I have high expectations for it.




ShatterPoint Overview

I’ll give an overview of ShatterPoint in summary.


Chain polygon network
genre action role-playing
Twitter @Shatterpointgg
DISCORD https://discord.gg/8HKk4cjbzv
Usage Environment PC、iPhone、android
Launch Schedule Beta (?) in Q4 2022 Launch
management BlockGames、ESTOTY


In case you are wondering, ESTOTY is a company that has originally developed many games and has a proven track record, so it seems that ShatterPoint, which is likely to be a complex game system, will not be a failure of a project.


This is my personal introduction of BCG’s “ShatterPoint,” which I have high expectations for.

I will try to summarize any new information as it becomes available.